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Do you like funny and exciting stories? Do you want to discover picturesque and intriguing places? The app will guide you to 40 magic places in the Swedish Land of Legends.

The Land of Legends is located in the south-west of Småland, namely the municipalities of Ljungby, Alvesta, and Älmhult. A discovery tour in the Land of Legends will take you to magic destinations for the whole family. You can visit trolls’ mountains and dragons’ treasures, giants’ rocks, and the waters of the Necken.

When you have reached your chosen destination, you can listen to the story of that place and what has happened there, right on the spot. You can also look at pictures which make the old stories come to life once again. The stories are told in Swedish, English and in German.

If you like, you can also choose to sit back in your cosy corner at home, and with the help of the app and your imagination, take a trip to the Land of Legends!

With the help the app you can also go treasure hunting in the Land of Legends. The treasure you will find is of course an exciting story. Call up a telephone number and listen. Here also you have the choice of language: Swedish, English, or German.

The very heart of the Land of Legends is the Museum of Legends in Ljungby. The app will always give you current information about all the exciting events taking place at the Museum of Legends.

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