The Storm

14 February 2017. Sagobygden

In 2005, when a devastating storm hit South-Sweden, in particular the Land of Legends, the forest fell and many lives changed radically. The Association launched an appeal: "Tell, write, and paint about the storm". The many responses resulted in a publication, a CD, radio programmes and storytelling performances.

The post-Storm project the Association developed was appreciated for giving people an additional occasion to share what they had gone through. Another outcome of the Storm-project was a deeper understanding and insight into the consequences of the storm, nationwide. The project’s outcomes were a complement to the official reporting about the event and showed how important people's stories are in giving a fair and detailed picture of a dramatic event. This project encouraged us to use story-telling for more tailored projects helping people build up their lives again after traumatizing events 

14 February 2017, 20.50

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